About the artiste'



Its no surprise Kim Colvin has taken the world of makeup by storm. Her passion for her craft has never been one to fade in the background. Although Kim is a master cosmetologist for over 17 years, in 2005, the transition was none other than an unfailing devotion to the perfect balance of intrinsic beauty. The artist's experience ranges from bridal,beauty,media,print,fashion,runway,Tv,everyday wear and cosmetizing (funeral/ makeup for the deceased).

Being an accomplished self taught makeup artist with extensive knowledge and training of the innovative airbrushing,body artistry and high definition applications, her creative mind for color,texture and detailing has firmly established her reputation in the industry.

Born and based in Birmingham, Alabama, the industry chose Kim at early childhood. Unconsciously knowing her friends and dolls were the pedestal to her career,her devoted sacrifices landed her with a re known artistry agency,cosmetic companies and a diverse clientele (not limited to gender).

Now a freelance artist enhancing and creating signature looks,educating others,the platform artist inspire, motives and encourages not only her clients but other confrere artists. Her versatility with combining education, makeup, and artistic beauty fashion is endless. In all dedication to prosper,Kim Colvin ,the selfless artist is the new brand of professional,humble, down to earth and heart warming. Kim Colvin is the South's household name for motivator and makeup artistry."I am in love with the woman God has molded me to be". Helping others embrace their esteem by a little enhancement blesses me". Kim Colvin the creator of a beautiful lifestyle..